Saturday, November 19, 2011


*ignore my fat toesies*

We've had very fickle weather in the D lately. Kinda cold, super humid, sunny for an hour... *sigh*. You can wear a coat in the morning but be in your tank by 4pm, gotta love Texas.

Today I attempted to get rid of old clothes I didn't wear anymore and it was a complete and utter fail. I went to Platos Closet with my friend Brooke and they only took a tenth of the clothes I brought in and I ended up making a whopping $13.45! They didn't even take the pieces I thought were "best"! After that defeat I thought I'd take vengence upon the first store and take the rest of my clothing to their competitor Buffalo Exchange. They're known for giving better offers on your clothes, especially if they're in good condition, as javascript:void(0)mine were (some not even worn). After a a 25 minute drive that took 45 due to traffic we finally arrived at the second Consignment store downtown and wasn't allowed to take part in the exchange because my license was expired. Please cue the violins.

After all that dissapointment and wasted gas I needed to undwind with a few good films. Brooke and I got some chinese food, picked up my other friend Alice and decided to undwind with a movie night. We watched an Indpendent film I had been dying to see, "The Strange Thing About The Johnsons". It's an incredibly twisted movie. To be honest, anything I say won't do the film justice, you just have to watch it. Here's the trailer...

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