Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Real

First things first...I love British rappers. The most vulgar bars sound sophisticated when said in a British accent. My friend Joacquim put me onto song while we were chatting. The reason I'm posting this isn't because the song is amazing or because I love Chipmunk's British flow but because of Chris Brown's verse/rap. But before I go into detail, let me just say...I do not in any way shape or form approve of Chris Brown rapping.

Celebrities are constantly in the public eye and scrutinized for any wrong doing they've done almost everyday of their lives. Imagine being reminding of something you did over a year ago EVERY. DAY. OF. YOUR. LIFE. I'm not saying what Chris Brown has done or any celebrity for that matter is dismissable or acceptable because of fame but I encourage everyone to not bring it up everytime their name is mentioned. I applaud Chris Brown for directly speaking on his situation on this song and encourage more artists/celebrities to do the same. No more press releases. No more premedidated apologies, no more completey ignoring what we JUST saw/read/heard. I'd like to encourage the real.

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