Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

Muddy Swim Trunks - Asher Roth

It rained today so thank God I took these in these in the morning. I usually take my pictures when I get home from school/work. We had a thunderstorm and there's been tornado warnings going around, but nothing ever happens where I live so I'm chillin'. However, when I came home the power was out! At first it was okay, 'cause I had my phone & was still connected with the outside world but then I realized It was dying and I wouldn't be able to charge it. Before it died completely I asked my friend Valeria to order me some food from Dominos so I could conserve my battery, she obliged. I have great friends.

While I was at school and the rain began the majority of black girls were upset. I'd like to clear the air on this subject as to why black girls don't like the rain.

1) It messes up our hair natural or not. Some black girls with natural hair don't mind it, 'cause their hair will just curl up. Others mind it 'cause they probably spent a good amount of time styling it and the rain will ruin it. ALSO, our weaves CAN get wet, we would just rather them not get wet, OKAY?

2) It causes your lotion to run.


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