Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last night I had the pleasure of going to the Dallas stop of Donald Glover/Childish Gambino's "IAMDONALD" tour. Let me just say this now....he can totally get it.
The coolest part about the show is that he opened...for himself. He did standup for20-25 minutes then got into his music. I don't wanna be a spoiler for those of you who will be seeing him in your city, but it's a funnyass transition.
^Feelin' it.
Donald Christ
I've got this Sunday baby, I wanna spend it with you.

After the show I waited around to see if Donald would come back to the stage to chop it up with us, 30 minutes passed & he didn't. I saw his crew packing up so I knew he was getting ready to go on the bus. (I've been to shows at that place before, I know the routine, I'm no creep)
^The SUHCURITY guard jumped in our pic, cool guy.

My friend Brooke and I went to the back where his tour bus was parked with about 15-20 other fans who were crowded around yellow caution tape, lol. We waited for around 20 minutes & then he came out. He is THE sweetest, funniest, most down to earth guy ever. He went down the line taking pictures, signing things and actually speaking to each and everyone of us who said something. I cracked a couple of jokes that he laughed at. I even got to do the "Biblioteca" rap from Community with him for the 3 seconds I knew and this other kid came through and killed it. He knew the whole thing. It was great. I'm an even bigger fan now.
^Before this one I go "Can I be the darkskin girl in your video?" LOL & he pulled me in for a cheek kiss but the guy taking the picture missed it, I frowned, and he tugged me like that all jokingly to cheer me up.
^Of course my kiss was captured ;]

The show was awesome, the vibe of the crowd was so excellent and Mr.Glover put on a terrific performance. He's definitely NOT just a rapper.

P.S. I have a couple of videos I would upload if Vimeo would get some sense. Smh. Stay tuned!

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chloe said...

OMG My baby! You can tell how down to earth he is just by the pictures.