Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have this hot new neighbor. A single white Dad. He has an adorable daughter and they recently got a puppy. Sitcom esque shit. He's hot. So hot, he goes running shirtless every morning. When I'm leaving for school we always cross paths and he always says "You look marvelous sweetheart, have a good day at school" ,and it helps a smile stay on my face until I get to Physics which equals =[. Also, he refers to me as "sweetheart" whenever he sees me. -swoons-

It's homecoming week at my school. Today we have a parade and a "Burning of the M" bonfire thing going on. I'll post pictures up later. It was way more fun than I expected. I think I have a bit of school spirit now, GO CARDS!

Oh yeah, this is what I wore today. Just figured I'd give you guys a bit more than a picture.

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