Monday, October 25, 2010


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If you're not familiar, I suggest you get aqainted quick fast and in a hurry. Friday night I had the pleasure of attending the Numtawknbout showcase featuring a handfull of brilliant artists from the Dallas area, including my new boyfriend (lol) Dustin Cavazos. It was SUCH a great show. Probabably why I didn't take too many pictures, too busy getting live in the audience. Lol, you guys should allllll check out Dustin's music HERE. & OMG BUY HIS CD, if not for anything, the brilliant casing.
Lulz @ Jesse's head being cut off.
Don't let the incline plain fool ya, I'm not that tall.
Dustin & I ♥
The only picture I got of him preforming :/
The highlight of the show was when he threw out the "numtawknbout" tee and I got it. ^_^