Friday, October 12, 2012

Texas Made

Tonight my university held a kick off concert for the basketball season. It was hosted by a local radio station and my favorite radio personality... CAT DADDY! WAHHNNNN. (you probably won't understand that last part if you're not from Dallas... sorry.)

Dorrough and some other Texas based rappers came out to perform and it was an awesome time.

Cat Daddy and I <3
Dorrough and I. Tum Tum and I. Isn't he adorable? B-Hamp and I. The above video in all its hoodrat anthem glory is one of my favorite songs(Judge me). And the ladies singing are Dorrough's artists so of course I didn't pass up the opportunity to ask him what happened to my favorite little mamas and their soulful anti commitment ballads! Dorrough delivered the heartbreaking news that the trio had dismembered. I'm pouring out some of my drink in their honor as I type. We miss you, Vixen!

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