Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vitamin C

The above are snippets from the Twitter meltdown I had late last night. I dusted off my Facebook app & finally checked all the notifications I had racked up. Tagged statuses, events, check ins & photos... but most importantly, photos. I came across a silly photo of my friends I that was taken at senior breakfast, laughed at it, & then felt a huge lump build up within my throat. I guess it finally hit me last night that my highschool career was over. All the normalcies both annoying and enjoyable I had grown to expect were going to end. Being late to class everyday, seeing a certain group of people after each class, dodging administrators when I was out of dress code, school lunch, DECA trips, my favorite teachers, teachers I couldn't stand... everything, was over. All these emotions I suppressed around the end of the school year and at graduation all poured into me last night and I can't believe I thought I would never feel this way. I'm so silly to have believed I wouldn't miss highschool at all. I miss it so much now & It's only been 2 weeks. I think what is cutting the deepest are the people I wasn't as close with and that I only had the fact that we both attended the same school to become friends. Those characters that I was forced to interact with because of a seating chart and ended up adoring more than my own natural friends. It all is a very bittersweet feeling that I know will fade with time.

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