Sunday, March 18, 2012

Turnt Up

What a marvelous Spring Break I had, well, Spring Weekend technically. I worked Mon-Friday, due to the majority of the people who I previously planned a trip to Austin for Spring Break with, bailed. *rolls eyes* But I STILL attended my good friend Matt's surprise party Friday night & made my way to Austin for SXSW on Saturday. My friends and I went to the Mess With Texas Showcase JUST to see my most recent obsession A.S.A.P Rocky perform. Afterward I was able to meet the Pretty Mothafucka himself and some of the A.S.A.P crew. In conclusion, this break was one for the books!

Happy Birthday Mr. Bade
En route to ATX
A fucking Sap
My first hip hop mosh pit. Niggas were crowd surfing & threw the dumpster in the crowd.
Ferg & I. I said "Your verse on "Kissing Pink" is super tite" and he goes "You're fucking tite."
Wrong camera, Rocky.
I broke Courtney's Honey-BBQ-Chicken-Strip-Sandwich-on-Texas-Toast virginity. The sandwich on Queens & Kings.
ATX, my bestfriend and I.
Some cute spot we stopped at on the way to Austin. BEST CHEESE DANISHES EVER

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