Friday, March 9, 2012

I recently posted the video from the Invisible Children's organization to help publicize and bring infamy to the horrible Joseph Kony. I also purchased a KONY2O12 bracelet from their website in hopes that my little contribution would help the victims of his evil. Today while watching the news I was informed that leaders of "Invisible Children" barely donate a whopping 30% of the proceeds and donations to the actual invisible children in Uganda. Read more on the subject here here. After hearing that, and reading up on the subject I started to feel sick. I couldn't believe that I had been supporting this organization so blindly since the 7th grade. I think the news hurts me so much because I am of African decent and being African my parents always warn me of country we live in. I am constantly in battle defending the great United States and its people, they want to help Africa, they recognize what a great country it is and want to preserve that, but people like this, the leaders of Invisible Children, do not help my case with my parents. I can only hope that my measly $17 go toward helping the children in Uganda and aren't part of the lunch money of the sleezebags over at Invisible Children.

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