Sunday, May 8, 2011


(Week through my BlackBerry)
I always have my blackberry in my hand. These are the moments I catch with Andy(my bb).
Cinco De Mayo festival Downtown on Sunday. This drink supposedly makes your butt larger. The picture translates to "Wanna big butt?"
Childish Gambino concert on Monday before I realized I brought my camera.
A fail I make every damn day.
My Godson Haedon on his CHRISTIAN DIOR DENIM FLOW.
My T-Shirt for the Powderpuff Football game. BAWSE.
My planner when I opened it on Monday morning ;] (I write like a little boy :/)
Worst substitute I've ever had in life. Crazy broad.
My friend took down her hair & her dog was too comfortable just laying in her tracks, lmao!
Like 15 pounds of crawfish.

Until next week! :]

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