Saturday, March 26, 2011


At my job since Youtube & many other sites where I can listen to music are blocked I searched for a site that would allow me to listen to music w/out having to download anything to the office computer. & alas I came across It's a site where new artists can upload their music & have their fans purchase or download their music. I've come across MANY great artists on this site and encourage all of you to check this site out! Just randomly click! You'll be delightful surprised. :]

Here's a group I've recently become a fan of thanks to BandCamp.

They're called Demilow & they're from Barcelona, their music is in spanish and although I'm not yet fluent en espanol, you don't have to be to enjoy their music. I've translated some of the words and the songs are beautiful. My favorite off of their digital mixtape is "Puedo Dar Mas" which means "I Can Give More". You can download it HERE.

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